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Friday, April 28, 2006

I've had this horrible cold all winter.  I will be sick, then it will go away and I'm healthy for a week or two, then bam I'm laid up again.  This time I'm just not kicking it so I went to the doctors on Tuesday because I suspected I had bronchitis and wanted to get some anti-biotics.  Its a good thing I went in because its not bronchitis, its pneumonia.  I've never had this in my life, this must be a sign of aging.  Up until I hit about 27 I was always healthy, I had one good bout of bronchitis a year and that was about it.  Now I'm about to turn 31 and feel like an old woman.

In the meantime, we have found our dream house and snatched it up.  Three bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, hardwood throughout except for burber carpet in the kids rooms, which are twice the size of their current rooms.  I have a nice big kitchen with lots of cupboards, Chad has a detached garage, there is a huge covered patio and an immaculate garden.  Moving date is in 6 weeks!

Posted by dorkalie at 03:23 am

Melany aka Supermom
April 29, 2006   08:58 AM PDT
I love hardwood floors. Even just nice carperts lol We must really work on that
April 28, 2006   04:08 PM PDT
Sorry you're sick. :( But the house sounds AWESOME! Especially the kitchen and garden/patio. How exciting!

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