Sunday, May 28, 2006

From Brandii

1. What's in the glove box of your car?  insurance, registration, car manual, stereo manual, maps, catalogues and business info to give out, febreeze

2. Favorite classes in college (or high school): Social Studies, History, World Civilization

3. Shampoo brand:Recently switched to Dove (I love their new campaign and have started using a lot of Dove products to support their campaign....I have to say the daily cleanser with exfoliating beads has made my skin look pretty good)

4. Favorite piece of furniture you own: My bed,  and its going to look great on the hardwood floors at our new place (the bed is wrought iron)

5. Idea of a really good first date: something fun, a concert or carnival type thing

6. Favorite fruit: soft, juicy peaches in the summer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

7. Pick a passage from a favorite book:Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner...Red Riding Hood shrieked, not at the Wolfs apparent tendency towards cross dressing, but because of his willful invasion of her personal space.  (this is the only passage to any story not written by Dr. Seuss that I know off hand)

8. What would you eat for dinner if it were your last night on Earth? The meal isn't what would be important, the company at the dinner would.

9. Free will or destiny? both, you create your own destiny with free will

10. What would you sing at karaoke? A friend has a karaoke machine, when we drink I always want to sing Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (and now whenever I sing it I have to sing Later we'll have some fucken pie and we'll do some caroling thanks to <a href="">
Jay</a> ...oooh did you see? Friday Fuckfest is back!  Yay!

11. Sweater or Sweatshirt? Sweatshirt

12. Paris, NYC, Tokyo, or Rio de Janeiro? NYC, always wanted to go there, I want to spend a week just walking around the city, it seems fabulous.

13. What do you wear to bed usually? Pajama pants and a tshirt

14. If you dyed your hair, what color would you dye it? I get blond highlights and lowlights put in it now.

15. If you went back to school, what would you study? History, with a few creative writing classes thrown in on the side to get the juices flowing again.  I really miss how much I used to write and create stories and poems when I was a kid.

16. Gum or mints?Gum

17. Recurring nightmares? No, I did as a kid after reading Silver Bullet by Steven King, or maybe it was called Cycle of the Werewolf?  I don't remember, it was turned into a movie with Corey Haim and one is the movies name, one is the books name.  To this day I can't stand Steven King, although this past year I did watch The Stand and it was a great movie, started reading the book, got about 2/3 through it and it just lost me, I haven't finished it yet.  Oh, the dream was I the werewolf came and killed my mom and sister and I was hiding in the top corner of my closet and just as the werewolf was about to grab me I woke up.  I seriously hate any and all werewolf type shows, and I absolutely cannot sit through An American Werewolf in London, although I have seen An Amereican Werewolf in Paris and aside from hiding behind a pillow during the werewolf scenes it is an amusing movie. 

/end longwindedness

18. Age and location of first kiss? Easy peasy, I was 12, it was on a picnic bench beside Sheridan Lake in the early afternoon.  I fell in love, and ended up marrying the guy 11 years later, everybody all together now say...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

19. Describe your favorite pair of shoes: right now its a pair I bought in Vegas, they have a small heel, maybe half inch, black mules with glitter all over them.  I have gotten to wear them twice since the big night in Vegas, they can really glam up a pair of jeans, oh I can't wait to unpack those gems.

20. What movie/TV character do you feel like you relate to most? Hmmm....I guess a cross of Lynette and Susan from Desperate Housewives, Lynette always has to be in control and in charge, yet often feels like she's not, and Susans flakiness and always trying to do the right thing but going about it the wrong way.

21. First CD purchase: I really can't remember.  I know my first casette tapes I bought were U2 The Joshua Tree and Samantha Fox, whatever tape Touch Me was on,  I bought them both the same day, I was 12.

22. First concert: Colin James

23. Do you like camping? For 2 nights only if we're tenting, I can do a week in a cabin.

24. If you were doomed to be mauled to death by an animal, what animal would you prefer that to be? Um, I DON'T KNOW!!!!  What kind of effed up meme is this anyway?  I just know I wouldn't want it to be a shark or bear.  Wait, it would be quick then.  OK, I don't care, as long as it came up and got me from behind so I didn't know and it was really fucking fast!

25. Do you/would you own a gun? No.  No. (although I do feel pretty powerful when shooting a paintball gun)

26. What religion would you like to know more about: Catholicism, its always fascinated me, the traditions, saying a hail mary and being cleansed of your sins (what is a hail mary anyways?) the churches are so beautiful.  I could never be Catholic, if I was raised that way I would have been one of those Catholic Girls Gone Wild.

27. Favourite food as a kid: My moms lasagna

28. How many languages do you speak? English, a bit of french (if its spoken slowly LOL)

29. If you were a natural disaster, would you be a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake?

30. If you could make one state in the US just go away, which would it be?
Since I'm Canadian, I'm turning this to a Canada question and will say with no doubt QUEBEC!  Fucking seperate!  Be your own country!  BU-BYE! 

31. How many prescriptions do you take? Currently, none.

32. Lake or ocean? Ocean, fo sho, but I will not swim in it, only in lakes.

33. What is the worst lie you've ever told to get out of work, (and don't say you've never lied to get out of work, because that, my friend, is a lie and you know it)? Our car was broken down and I was pregnant with Cman, it was a good 4 day job, I had no way to get to work and back, a taxi would have cost $100 a day, so I said I was having pregnancy complications and on bedrest.  I still feel guilty about it!

34. Do you carry a backpack, a satchel or "man bag", tote bag, brief case, or a backpack on wheels? A messenger style purse

35. Have you ever been arrested/cited for anything other than traffic violations? Never (phew...only by luck!)

36. Would you ever move for/with a significant other? As long as it wasn't to move to his hometown, I'd go anywhere with him.

37. What was the weirdest thing you had to dissect for biology? A sheeps eye, the lens inside bounced off the walls.  Ewe.

38. Would you ever consider spending some time at a nudist colony? No.Thanks.

39. Best thing you can cook? Sticky Chicken, my sister in laws Italian Chicken, roast (but not as good as my mom)

40. If you were going to donate 1000 dollars to a charity, what would that be? Anything to help Sudan/Darfur.

Posted by dorkalie at 12:51 pm

June 4, 2006   09:05 PM PDT
I had to lol at the ewe joke.
God I'm such the nerd
May 29, 2006   11:04 AM PDT
I just can't get those people in Durfur off my mind. After Oprah's story about the kids that walk to the cage...OMG, I think about them EVERY night. I might steal this one. Be answer to 40 will be the same. :)

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