Entry: She was a showgirl... Thursday, April 20, 2006

The other day I went out and bought meself a new toy....no not *that* kind of toy, I can get one of those (at a discount) any time I want.  I bought a laptop.  It is big and shiny and blue and her name is Lola.  I heart her.

So, I'm typing this from my couch.  Yesterday I was on my computer and Chad was on his computer and he thought he'd be funny and start messaging me.  (We were 4 feet away from each other).  I told him to stop hitting on me as my husband would be home soon and not like it.  Then he typed LOL, and I was right here, and he didn't lol.  There was no laughing out loud at all.  I would have heard it.  Today he thinks he's being funny again and messages me again.  I typed brb.  He really did lol, but typed lmao.  Men and making things bigger than they really are...

Bad news of the day...I'm sick, both kids are home sick today.  Shitty for me.  Not too shitty for the Halls Coughdrop Corporation.

Good news of the day...Big Brother (7 I think?) is rumoured to be an allstar edition with the internet picking their favorites from a list of 20.  Please please please for all that is holy and good in the BB house bring back Dr. Will!


April 21, 2006   11:34 AM PDT
i love Big Brother ALL STAR would RULE! i hope survivor does another one whether people hated it or not it should be all about me and i loved it. ;)

my computer is going to die soon and i need a new drive in it anyway the site has taken up so much of it i have had to delete almost everything but the stupid site.

im going to email you back, been stupid busy. stupid wedding.
April 21, 2006   05:28 AM PDT
I'm VERY tempted to buy a laptop. I need it for work and I just want one LOL Congrats on your purchase

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