Entry: Its Sunday! Sunday, April 30, 2006

Time for new postsecrets.  I enjoy my lazy Sunday mornings, Hotnots and Supergirl are still in bed, Cman is watching Max and Ruby, and I'm about to get my weekly fix of people's deepest, darkest secrets.

As of today my team has completed the third month car bonus, if all stays on track for next month I'll be the first Canadian consultant to reach the car bonus level and there will be a ha-uge party come June.  It's an extra $400 a month, most consultants use it to buy a new car, but we just bought our car last July brand spankin new with only 18kms on it, and Chad is getting his motorcycle in May, so we'll just funnel that money to pay off our car faster. 

I ran a downline report last night, there are now 99 girls on my team!  99!  I am so amazed by these ladies, they have changed the course of my life, I owe them so much.  I only hope I can do as much for them as they have for me, because they alone deserve the credit for the bonuses I've reached, the awards I received at convention, and any recognition I've gotten, I would have none of these things had it not been for my girls. 

I wish I had known that peddling dildo's was my life calling before I wasted all that money on school for medical assisting (18), ECE (21) and programming (26).  Seriously!

It is a gorgeous day today.  I'm going to spend it with my family.


Melany aka Supermom
May 1, 2006   02:20 AM PDT
You are doing so well with those dildo selling hey :) I can remember when you started out.

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