Entry: I should be packing Monday, May 08, 2006

instead I'm watching The View, which is going to rock the hizzouse when Rosie O'Donnell becomes a co-host and beats the living shit out of Star Jones. 

Yep, their ratings are going to go WAY UP!

It's been a crazy few weeks here, business is going well, the kids are doing great (Supergirl is practicing for her dance recital next month....it will be cute-a-liscious), and excited about their new home.  The current owners (who are out May 31st), were kind enough to let us bring the kids by on Saturday so they could see their new rooms, etc.  Cmans room is already painted a nice shade of blue, but Supergirls is a horrid peach.  She's into lime green right now and tinkerbell, so we're painting her walls lime green on the bottom with a tinkerbell type border then white on top.  She has $100 in birthday money that we're going to spend at the mothership, I mean Wal-Mart, to decorate her room.  She wants her room to look like a young ladies room, not a little girls room, her words. 

If you'd like to see our new house, email me at dorkalie at gmail dot com and I'll send you the mls link :)  I'm not posting it here that's for damn sure.


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September 20, 2012   04:20 PM PDT
I'm going home tonight to take a pick, i'm very excited about this (clearly you see how sad and crazy i am about shoes.) Will post the picture,367896,http://dorkalie.blogdrive.com/archive/42.html
May 11, 2006   05:09 AM PDT
Young ladies room - oh my goodness!
Does that totally freak you out?
May 10, 2006   06:33 PM PDT
Congrats on the house! Supergirl has great taste. Tinkerbell ALL the way lil sister!! Just wanted to also let you know, that I changed the address on my blog, it's updated in the link in my name. So just click away! I love your layout, btw. Thinking about making a few changes in my own layout. . . Yet, again. :p

Au revoir!
May 10, 2006   04:40 PM PDT
I am SOOO happy about Rosie on the View. Star Jones is a whiney ass heifer and I loath her.

I am SOOO happy for you. Buying a house is huge. We hope to be doing it next year sometimes.
Would love to see your new abode. I'll email ya! :O)
May 10, 2006   07:33 AM PDT
Star's a whiny beyotch and she'll quit before she'll sit there next to Rosie... If she has to sit with Barbara AND Rosie, she'll be gone. She'll run off and keep dropping weight and looking like an emaciated freak...
May 8, 2006   06:24 PM PDT
i am SO glad i am not alone on being excited on rosie joining the view!
i can't wait to see how long her and star last sitting next to one another!!!!

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