Entry: Scattered Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I moved so much when I was growing up I developed a love for it.  I have a routine that I go through each time I move, the first box I always pack is my shotglass collection, and I slowly move my way around the house, packing what I don't need and leaving out things I'll use before we move.  Right now I'm at the horribly disorganized phase, where most of the things I have to pack are things I still need, yet moving day is getting closer.  *sigh* I can't wait to get out of here! 

This week has also been one full of bad news.  My friend that I was looking so forward to watching her grow and change as she entered motherhood has lost her baby just as she was finishing up the third trimester.  We've been talking about all the baby clothes and maternity clothes I have in my storage, and Friday morning I was just getting ready to enter the completely unorganized storage spot and start going through everything so I could get her the baby stuff out when the phone rang.  She had just gotten home from her ultrasound and the baby stopped growing 4-5 weeks prior.  It was very sad, and after talking to her I went and pulled out the old crib mattress in front of the storage and the first thing that falls out is a bag of baby clothes.  Losing a baby is such a different thing for each person who goes through it, and even when its your best friend its hard to know what to say.  But it is easy to know what to bring over when you go to cheer her up later that night....booze.

I also got a message from one of my old friends in SeaTown.  His dad died last month.  I'm so sorry for Kris and his family, his dad was an amazing man, he always made me laugh when I was over there, which was A LOT when we were 'kids'.   It was a sudden heartattack, one of those things where you don't get the chance to say goodbye.  

This weekend is my 31st birthday.  We aren't partying hard like we did last year with the biggest party in the history of Cloverdale (ok, maybe it wasn't...), but every year on the weekend of my birthday the Cloverdale Rodeo takes place and this little cow town turns into one big party.  Friday night I am taking the kids to the fair and on rides while Chad is at work, Saturday morning we hit the parade at 10am, then in the afternoon over to Steve and Ang's for a bbq then possibly the beer gardens later.  Sunday Riley has dance for 4 hours because she is in the May Day Parade in Fort Langley with her dance troop. 


This weekend is going to ROCK.

By the way, its 9am and already 20 degrees outside.  We hit 30 yesterday and will no doubt do it again today.  Off to The Mothership for a new sprinkler.


May 24, 2006   06:47 AM PDT
I'm sorry to hear about all of the bad news you've heard recently. Hopefully things willlook up from here.
May 23, 2006   11:34 AM PDT
oh, that's just terrible about your friend losing her baby. :-(
May 21, 2006   09:02 AM PDT
Happy, happy belated bday dude!

I miss you! I just saw that the Femmes will be playing the same weekend we saw them last year. Was wishing we could all do that again.

Best of luck with moving. I hear you on that one. I'm doing it too.

Hope you had a wonderful day.

May 19, 2006   11:35 AM PDT
I moved a lot as a kid & developed an extreme hate for it. Good for you for looking at the bright side.

Sorry for the sadness in your life recently. I really did miss you.
Melany aka Supermom
May 18, 2006   07:21 AM PDT
Your poor friend. That's just so sad.
I hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like you have a good one lined up

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