Entry: Update on Matthew Broderick Hunting Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I got myself all gussied up this morning, why I don't know, that right then jinxed me, if I was looking like shit I'd probably run into him at Safeway.  So anyways, I drive through town and see they are setting up to film but not filming yet, and go park in the lot across the street from the trailers, I have a perfect view of the dressing rooms that Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito are in.

Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito's trailers

I sit here for about 20 minutes and then a big ass green minivan pulls in beside me and totally ruins my view. Fat Bastard. So I pull out and drive through the main road again, and they are setting up to film in the town square in the center, bringing in clydesdale horses and what not. I did go into my favorite market where I get all of my produce on the corner and they said today was the last day of filming. I drove home and am heading back up in an hour with Carson so that I can actually walk down the main drag and be pretending to show him how cool 'Christmastown' is. When we all know I'm really there because I'm stalking Matthew Broderick and trying to use my 3 year old to do it without looking like a total dork. I found some pictures online of the set in Cloverdale. Check it out, its pretty cool!



June 29, 2006   09:29 AM PDT
Dude, you might have issues. But I love you anyway. Hope all is well with you. Most sorry to hear about your friend Wendy. Hope you are ok.

Miss you!

June 27, 2006   10:08 PM PDT
Stalking Ferris Bueller...cool...very cool.
June 22, 2006   08:04 PM PDT
You totally crack me up girl! Why didnt you bring Carson in the first place?? If we cant use our 3 year olds to stalk hot men what good are they??

June 21, 2006   03:56 PM PDT
Coralie is a celebrity stalker!!! LMAO. I love Matthew Broderick, he is a hott hott man. Good luck on your quest!


BTW, I shadow my first PP tomorrow night, teehee

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