Entry: What to do, What to do? Friday, July 21, 2006

I really don't have time to update this thing that much anymore, life has gotten way too busy, between company in town, going out of town, Passion Parties, the kids, the big kid I married, time to put together a coherent thought for others to read on a blog is a rare thing.  I wouldn't even consider this thought co-herent, its not yet 7am, I've only downed a half cup so far.

I've been thinking of changing this to a photoblog, most of my readers here are family and friends, but can't find a decent template out there.  I have found some great photoblog sites, with beautiful pictures and templates I'd kill to have the code for.

travis ruse

kepes vagyok


If you see the coding messed with in the next while, its just me, trying to turn this site into a wanna-be photoblogger site. 

Oh, quick update, right, the kids are having a great summer, Supergirl went up to Chad's parents for a week, had fun, played with her cousins, her first time with these grandparents without mom or dad around.  Aside from the fact that they 'forced' her to eat potato salad (her words, not mine), it was a happenin time for her. 

Carson is on a mission to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible because the only way we are going to Disneyland in June, 2007 is if he grows 1.5".  Totally doable in a little less than one year, but if it gets him to eat vegetables (even the green ones? he always asks) bonus!

Chad's having 'man time' right now with his dad, uncle, cousins.  They're fishing, doing manly things, acting primitive, except at least once, toward the end of a night of heavy drinking, they will talk about old times and tear up, they are sensitive men, especially Chad after a bottle of Crown. 

I had my car party two weeks ago, it was awesome.  I'll upload some pictures once I get this thing turned into a photoblog.



July 30, 2006   03:17 PM PDT
when you get your photblog up and running put one of those bleeping email notifiers on it for me.
K? that's the only wasy I can keep up w/ things......lol
July 21, 2006   11:43 AM PDT
Hi there! I'd gladly give you the template I created, but it's a bit mixed up because it's hosted by my-expressions.com and some parts are for their blog engine only. But you might be able to figure it out how to adopt it. So, drop me a line if you are interested (see my about page).

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